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The best recipe for perfect gift: Something that needs an effort and reminds of old time. 

The amber project came into my mind before Mother’s day. I found a little battered brooch in my mom’s drawer. The corners was broken off, I covered them with beads and added handcrafted soutache frame. The amber got new life. My mom was really surprised. Giving the gift of jewelry is great way to thank for her support. I recommend you looking for items that that you do not use anymore and considering new application for them.  Don’t forget to share your ideas with meJ

amber blog

This pendant is besed on:

amber b blog

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Chocolate with cream

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It’s time for a new pendant. I used bright colors.  It took me two weeks to finish this piece.

It is rainy day outside and according to the forecast it won’t be better, so my plan for the next couple of days is sewing.  8.5 height and 3cm width

b chocolate with cream

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Let's start

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Finally I have my own blog!

In my first blog entry, I would like to share with you my old handicrafts. All of listed below were made quite a while ago. Some are still in my possession and the others I found on photos in one of my computer folders (best regards for new owners!) 

black red earings unique hancrafted jewelry blog

Black with red eye. Mixed soutache and crochet technique. 

folk blog
Folk. The pendant is inspired by Polish folk clothes.

green brown blog new

Lot of work of this one. The shapes needed concentration.

cafee clog

The earrings inspired by XVIII century jewelry

belt blog

Belt. It took around 2 month to did this.

green brown anna krupczak blog new

Really old project. Mixed soutache and crochet technique. 

blog hair slide unique handcrafted jewelry green yellow orange gold

hair blog

Hair slide, Yellow stone with green-orange areola. 

modern blog

Grey and black colors suit almost to every outfit. 

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